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    A Prophetic ministries and missionary  revelation of the last day the voice of seer, the prophetic nations, prophetic  ministries to the prophetic  people{church}the church and the  ministers of the last day will move and  work in the higher understanding of  the prophetic mysteries, the church  will understand and know the true  spirit and the true way of Holy Spirit,  this ministry is to correct many error in  the office of the prophets of the last  day and to bring end into selfishness  ambitions of the immature prophets.  The prophetic family is born and the  light of the true prophetic ministry is  here on earth. Welcome!



    Ordain and chosen to put illumination into Dreams, visions, and the gift of the chosen mature prophets. There is a need to know between the chosen mature prophets, called mature prophets and the gifted mature prophets in the Holy Ghost. And there is also need to know between the immature prophets, immature called prophets, immature in character prophets and the gifted immature prophets in the church and the world. Deut. 13:1-5, Jer.14:13-14, zec.13:2-

    The tools or gift of the prophet

    The prophetic ministry is a public ministry. thus, the prophet often operates all the verbal gifts: different kind of tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and the gift of prophecy. The prophet may also operate the revelation gifts; the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and the discerning of the spirits. On a limited basis, some prophets operate the power gifts: faith, the gifts of healing, and the working of miracles.

    Prophetic Poetry Intro

    It is my prayer that you are blessed as you read my poems. Each one inspired by the Holy Spirit, speaking to the inner most part of my soul.


    My poems are somewhat simple, yet sometimes very deep. 

    Sometimes childlike, sometimes cause me to weep. 

    They’re an expression from the heart of God;

    I simply write as He speaks. 

    Sometimes He sings, sometimes it’s a simple beat. 

    The Wind of the Holy Spirit enters,

    I hear the melody. 

    He speaks and I remember,

    I repeat the word He speaks. 

    It’s an everlasting lullaby,

    I simply now record.  

    To hear the voice of the One I love,

    All man should know such joy!

    Poetry of the Heart

    Poetry of the heart,

    Mine with my Lord. 

    He speaks; I respond. 

    Spirit to spirit we are one.

    It’s a culmination of the soul,

    Two hearts beating as one.

    *I saw white lights flashing to and fro! (in the upper bedroom where I pray)

    This was a day the Lord was calling me to come alone with Him and pray. Spending time alone with Him as He taught me self-discipline. Walking and talking and praying with Him. Learning how to open doors for others and closing off the past.

    White lights began to flash to and fro in my room. Then He began to speak from out of the Light!


    Rivers of Light

    Rivers of light now I see

    Flowing from the heavenly.

    Above me stands an open portal.

    One with outstretched arms I see,

    Calling gently “come to Me.”


    Yes and Amen is all I say,

    When You come to me this day.


    I hear, I see and I applaud. 

    All heaven waits breathtakingly.


    I’m here, I’m there, I’m in the clouds.

    Come with me now, do not delay, 

    Come with me now, come today!

    Walking with Jesus

    When I walk with Jesus, I hold within my hand

    The key to Resurrection, Beginning and the End.

    I walk with Him beside me, He whispers in my ear.

    He holds me ever longing,  And tells me I’m His friend.

    I walk with Him daily, He empowers me within.

    He teaches me Resurrection; Beginning and the End.

    It’s a story never ending, A story of all life.

    A story of my Jesus, A story of His Bride.

    I eat of His fresh manna, I glory in His way.

    And take it all within me, To destroy man’s old way.


    It was a night of impartation. A night of listening and writing as the Lord and the Holy Spirit sang or spoke to me. Laughter arose, yet serious deep penetrating thoughts touched my soul as my pen kept rhythm with His voice. The Lord gave me a sequence of 4 poems; Secrets in the Mulberry Trees, Will you follow Me, Kneeling of the Heart & A Day with Jesus!

      Secrets in the Mulberry Trees

    I love Jesus and Jesus loves me,

    I run and hide in the mulberry trees. 

    Nobody knows the secrets but He,

    Cause I love Jesus and Jesus loves me.

    Kneeling of the Heart

    There’s a kneeling of the cross

    That takes place in our heart.

    A bowing of our mind

    As the old man departs.


    It’s a joyous laughter

    That arises from God’s throne.

    As we join Him with His angels

    Forever we are known.

    A Day with Jesus!

    Up on the mountain I see Jesus.

    Down in the valley He runs with me.

    We skip across the ocean

    In the cool of the day.


    We run and play in the mulberry trees.

    I’m running with Jesus and holding His hand.

    He is forever my only man.


    He’s handsome and glorious,

    But I’ve learned to stand.

    By walking with Jesus

    And holding His hand.


    Forever and ever I love only Him.

    He fights all my battles

    I take it on the chin.


    He is my Master,

    I obey only Him

    I’m trusting in Jesus

    Cleansed of my sin.


    Forever and ever I’m His

    And He’s mine.

    I’m waltzing with Jesus

    Eternal with Him.