Covenant daughter of Zion


Sadhu sunder Singh passed a crown of people putting out a jungle fire at the foot of the Himalaya’s.  Several men however were standing, gazing at a tree, the branches of which were already alight. What are you looking at? He asked. They painted to a nest of young birds in the tree. Above it a bird was flying wildly to and fro in great distress. The men said. We wish we could save that tree but the fire prevents us from getting near to it. A few minute later, the nest caught fire. The sadhu thought the mother bird would fly away. But no! She flew down, spread her wing over the young ones, and in few minute was burnt to ashes with them.

A woman with a baby on her back was running away from a bush that caught fire. She was not fast enough and the fire caught up with her. Oh! The baby must not die. She frantically dug a hole with her bare hands; put the baby insides, slept on the baby and no time was burnt by fire.

Such love, such wondrous love brings to mind the message in John 13:1 which says, “Having loved his own which I the world, he loved them to the end,” such is the love in a mother” heart. As it happen with animals. So does it with human beings. Such was the love displayed by a pregnant woman in Korea. It was a time of war and this woman running for dear life, trying to escape from the north to the south. But she heavy with pregnant and the running was too much for her. Labour pains came on her and there on the field, covered with snow, she bent herself and had her baby “she was thinly clad but didn’t want the baby to die. She removes whatever dress was on her to wrap the little baby so he doesn’t’ die. But the snow was too much for the naked woman and shortly later, she died. The child did survive, a missionary couple heard him crying as they passed by the field. They took him up and into their home to care for him. As he grows, he noticed that he was different from the people he know as father and mother. He asked and was taken to the grave of his mother and told the story-how his mother died so he could live, oh! Mother” he wept removing his clothes to cover the grave of his mother. : You did this for me? How I wish I could clothe you now with many clothes.”  Who says a mother will not do that for her child? Even if it is a matter of life and death, you can trust a mother to be ready. Such is the heart of a mother.

A man once said to his wife, “That child must be lift to die on the dunghill and not brought into the house again. The herbalist said he is a curse to the family. If you bring the child in again, then you will have to go. The choice is yours.” Perhaps he has reason since this child was born, it has been one sickness or the other. Sometime he would faint or go into coma; and when all hope is given up, he is thrown into the dunghill.

After wards, a faint cry would be heard and the mother would rush to take him into her embrace again into nurture the life still in him. Well, the father was fed up of his repeated antics of this curse. He would have no more of it.

In the past he had shown some care, but now he is fed up. His purse has been drained by the constant attack, hence his refusal to give this boy another chance. This man meant every word he said to his wife; she was not to touch him again. He perhaps suspected that the fainting child may come round again as at other times and the mother will go over it all again. He would have no more of it. : let him die; after all the herbalist said he is a curse on the family”


I was urging the earl conversation of children in a meeting, and a man got up at the close and said, “I want to endorse every word. Sixteen year ago I was a missionary in another country, and my wife died and left three little children. On the Sunday after her death my eldest girl came to me and said, “papa, shall I take the children I to the bedroom and pray with them as mother used to?” the mother was dead, and little Nellie, ten years old, wanted to follow in her footsteps. The father agreed and she led them off to the bedroom to pray.

When they came out he noticed that they had been weeping and asked what about. “well, father, “said the little girl, “I prayed just as mother taught me, and then naming her little brother- “he prayed the prayer that mother taught him, but little Sussie, she was too young, mother had not taught her a prayer so she made a prayer for her own, and I could not help but weep to hear her pray “why? Asked the father,  “What did she say?”

“why, she put her little hands, and closed her eyes, and said, “o God you have come and taken away my dear mama, and I have no mama to pray for me now wait you please make me good just as my dear mamma was, for Jesus sake,

And God heard that prayer. That little child before she was four years old gave evidence of being a child of God and for sixteen years she was she was by her father’s side leading little children to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the whole world.