God the Almighty sent a one great messenger to the earth since the beginning of the creation and his name is time. Time is everything, time is past, time is present and time is the future and the future is here which is now!

Praise and prayer night of thunderbolt is the manifestation encounter, God has purposed to bring revival into nations of the world and in which He had sent revival because God revival is God arrival.

In every generation there’s a lining of darkness in every sky, though season are not tame favors the earth sometimes if the Son of God is not in place. We are ordained and chosen to lead this age in manifestation of God’s arrival in the revival. Heaven had open since the return of Christ to the Throne and it had been favor to the children of Adam since then.

3 days of all night in thunderbolt of praise and prayer will eventually descending the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth because enough of darkness and sins in the blood linage has ended. ��’#��

The great wonderful time and moment in the presence of Jesus Christ our King is here again as the visitation of Heaven on earth will marge the solution on every situation at MoningStar Ministries in Owode Yewa south Ogun State, Nigeria.

MorningStar Apostolic And Prophetic Church (The Apostolic And Prophetic Soldiers of Jesus Christ)





Time: 11:00pm Date: Thursday 29th Friday 30th Saturday 31st

You will get the venue of the location on the flayer display on the hand bill and follow the procedure of the place.

 There are ministers God the Almighty had prepared to bless you in ushering your unique glory into full presence of Jesus known our King Christ Our King; Jesus Christ is the Owner of the MorningStar Apostolic and Prophetic Church and founder of this commission on earth, we take order from Him to everything in the church, we are not the owner this church nor founder, no one can own church  it is His church on earth and He love His church so much and know our days and the circumstances in our place of Africa.

Jesus Christ prepare this program to change people lives and destiny so they can be part of His Kingdom Heaven, we are loved by Him and work in His unique Love of this wrong circumstance of the enemies here in Africa, we are on the winning side of the Kingdom ruling the universe, we stand by His Will and by it we live through Him on earth

This program will be Heaven on earth for the mankind of this age and a memorial of the area we live here; children of God will be feathering to demonstrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in apostolic and prophetic prayer and in prophetic songs of Davidic calling the encounter time before our great God, explosive differences of ministration in the calling of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders of the old will be available for everyone that will appear to honor our Kings invitation to this encounter.

Evangelist Sunday Dominic is an evangelist of powerful audacity to authorized leading of apostolic and prophetic supernatural glory into the people change for better.

Lady evangelist Akinjayeju she’s the lady of the millennium with Apostolic and prophetic glory and change people hugely into divine blessing Jesus Christ glory in the town place of Ota in Ogun State. She is a minister and honest daughter of the Jesus Christ and obedient maid Jesus trusted. She s minister in His glory along with the Spirit of God.

Lady evangelist Titilayo Adebayo is and evangelist and song composer of the 21st century is will be there to bring Jesus Christ down on His Throne to meet His people in needs  and in deed and she ministering in powerful song of courage and elevating His  Name,  she will be there live!

Lady evangelist Janet Akanni  she’s a vessel from Jesus Christ and mouth song of angelic praises on earth, she will bind the sorrows out of you in encounter  her songs of praise as she bring down God into people souls close Holy Spirit of God in His ever you will not forget Jesus love in her song again! She will be present in His presence.

Minstrel Victor Alobo is the tumbrel and microphone of Jesus Christ, keyboard in the Hand of Jesus Christ as battle axe in songs and praise worshipper; he is a worshipper for the ancient, he is a youth with great love for Jesus Christ Ministry. He is a unique vessel in the Hand of Jesus as messenger in song and singer of the 21st century; he will display in the Holy Spirit the great gift of songs of Davidic ministration.

Its night to see Jesus Christ in His supernatural glory on earth again! And keep a day with destiny this time. Shalom!

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