Isaiah 55:

4 Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people.

5 Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the Lord thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee.




The attitude of the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ will command all the judgment of the universe to be submitted in on moment. The great Master programmer of the ages had already been put all things into His agenda to fix what He wanted since the beginning of the ages. He will eventually execute His will to profits the free will He had given to the children of men as He patiently wait for those will to propagate in this age or in the age to come.

The glory of the commanders come true Holy Spirit desires and command as the leader of the entire captains raise to fight the last day battle. He commands to work as His willing to show the top and best weapon in the conflicts and epic uniqueness of His Love for mankind. Holy Spirit is the General Commander of the ages from the beginning of the age to merge His work, I mean His perfect work. The warriors had been selected, the frontiers in the battle had been ranked as the best scout over the great mission, the superior knight are on their horses while the army are stand by their weapon of the chosen. His will is to fight and show His enemies where He extended to in the universe and beyond the imaginations of all being spirit creature in the Kingdom. He will win, He will change the wrong system because of human weakness; He will occupy and fulfilling taking the government of the human race, He owns the universal work in it benefits without any one faculty ideas. He’s the greatest, the highest, the widest, the biggest, commander of all ages to implement His Greatest weapon on earth that’s His LOVE!

He will not wait, He will not use what He gave to human to triumphs over coming battle and challenges to His church because in had His way. His presence unique Him among the Heavens and the earth, these are submitted and obedient to Him to His ability of the origination.

He’s overall distinguish mega star of the galaxies stars, He held together by gravitational forces power, most of the estimated 500,000,000 billion galaxies are shaped as spirals and ellipses, with the remainder being asymmetries. He’s the source and initiator of brilliant starts in all the galaxies cluster. He created all these for His purpose, in these things the enemies cannot overcome and they will never overcome because He had champion from the Cross to finish the beginning and end in any battle sudden in Heavens and on earth. He make not Himself a leader for He’s a true Leader in the universe, He does not make Himself Mastery for He’s a great Master of the universe, He make not Himself creator for truly He’s a helpful Creator on the universe, for He had finished it what no one can conclude to view, for He had made it by His all sufficient power and unbelievable strength, what no dream cannot seen, He had focus on the end time for He will fulfill His purpose and the purpose He wanted. He sees better and understand better to chose and choice time in season. He is the revelation and energy behind creation; He’s the Kingdom of unseen and proof of the kingdom seeing.


God of Israel called David to be a king to lead His people into the governance of primitive glory. But today, He the Creator, direct all men to receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savor given to the children of men in the last day on earth.

The brightstar of the future clear the illuminating dark of mind, giving grace to the unpleasant of the present age men who seeing now life as endless because of the canal controversy in the today’s world. The map into the future is clearly shown and down neat in the scripture for us as we seen it in the Book of Isaiah 55: 4 to 13; the palm of the wildness revealed as illustration light of His glory glow into the city upon the citizen in the dental area. The mark of the palm is a unique sense way for the out knowledge to the unbeliever world. Future is sure and real to the ones who fear the Lord of the universe through the message of glory. Changes merge the transformation of the commanders because of the Lord’s presence at the top mountain. When the magnificent transformation of our King Illuminating the room of mankind all things in the universe singing glory in uniqueness love with heartbeat of perfection, this is true attention of creation. Future is true and real to receive celebration victory of our salvation in this cosmos, in which our great King implemented in this age and in the age to come; elude messages will be real to read His word to the audience assemblies of the son of God in the area perceive for the first time that men receive Jesus Christ as Lord and perpetual Savior on earth! Welcome to the future of the commanders, where commander command the commanders of in each centuries to take preeminence of the unique appointment assignment as time is waiting to deliver the task given of the son of God.

Future is now and blueprint to the coming commanders of which the captain had selected; that’s yet to be seeing on earth. Men will praise and bless the Lord Jesus Christ as the consuming glory, His glory consuming and met the heartbeat in this century. Celebration of victories, celebration of triumphant, celebration of joy illuminating the heart of men who’s their names was found in the Book of life and in the Book of greatness deed in Heaven.

The marching order, the preparation communication and camping desire are part of the way in which the church must stay to focus in expecting the Lord Jesus second coming to the earth. Nobility is ability for those who are waiting to fully follow and obey without discretion of the flesh. Mighty glory is given to those who are wounded and even to those who lost their lives in the past for the sake of Christ and in the world to come. The high table of dynasty is ready and ready to serve with unique expectations as red; readiness is left to the sons of men, so He can’t order a wrong service for us in the banquet feast to come. The Scripture had given us what we needed not what we want, its left with us to see and embrace those who are called to save and serve, those staying with us as servants in the end time. Balance your attitude to get rid of wrong attitude in understanding your purpose here and purpose of where you are now, because of where your next quest will to be implementing!


Jesus Christ came to Restoring the lost glory of mankind on earth; this is distinctiveness quality mankind serve from the Lord. The merited voice of the Lord Jesus Christ classified the church as a living bride for Him and brought the service of soul winning in any generation on earth.

The major task and reward for the last day church is to be a mega church as a bride who establishes herself in His will as she’s the only true reliable aristocracy for the Heavenly trusted one on earth. Men will continue to search deeply in wonder about the way of the Lord because they have never believe in the true church He established by His Word, fruits and Scripture. His church is the only alternative channel; He can truly minister to the world because without the church, His only family on earth, the world or the heathen can’t hear His unique voice or His direction. His church is the citadel of the Kingdom on earth and He will never be subjected to the venom of the dark side kingdom that rules the world wrongly, for He will continue to be King of the universe in His glorious love and unlimited patient with His greater manifest Being as He’s. let us all beings submitted to the Scripture and follow the guiding order of the Word to see more clearly His beautiful manifesto for all being in all the universe and in the world to come. He will never be partial to execute justice and judgment at Bema Seat for He’s not human nor creature in view, He’s not in our view as we dreams, thinks, thoughts and reasons of Him in all the meditations streams.

The apostolic and prophetic commanders are ready and they are marching in camping order to lunching the operation of the Cross victory. Sinners of modern days don’t feeling in condition as transgressor on God’s properties, yet they have seen, hear, and opportunity to join the boat of grace to receive Him, that’s how many souls are now lamenting terribly in hell. He graces His church with spirit of patient and mindset victory toward the end of era of mankind on earth. Darkness is vanity of enmity to all race of mankind that serve them, because light rule even participle of their superiority in the serving His Kingdom in all ages. Recruiting the new converts, alert the believers, sound the trumpets, follow the beating drums, attention to the calling whistles, seeing the signet of our Captain as a great commander, His order to move on as earth moves. He will never slack to guide courage and persuade us to continue running the race given to His church. No matter how enemies monitoring His servants, even no matter how penetrating His enemies willing into the will of God in the hand of His servants at their present time He is  still the Lord of lords and King of kings in our generation even and in the generation to come. The woman that torches Him knew she had been healed in her thinking and settled before taking the steps of extraordinary faith to get extraordinary breakthrough from her longtime illness. We receive what we ask immediately when we submitted our will to His Will on earth in our personal life. The uniqueness of the commanders is to yield into obedience and mindedly stable in His commandments, no matter how the circumstances brings as depression of deception in our daily routine with Him, we are called to follow Him alone on earth. The major uniqueness of the commanders is to stay in his or her call, even to stay in their position role, a place of spiritual ordination and strengthens expertise. He will surly come for inspection one day.


 The journey of divine travelers in our present world must be with broken experience to victoriously win the challenges of the modern day’s wicked foes. In order to win you must be destined to win. How do you win in the destiny? It’s to be broken into a new creature or new vessel He will and want. Brokenness is all about total submission of the whole life and desire of be a believer. Destiny is all about giving what belong to you totally to the Lord Jesus Christ alone, not even thinking of cheering a dam of anything in your ;life with yourself or with Him but life of you totally transfer to Him. Brokenness is about denying with self and me to live a life of total re-birthing, in the journey as a divine traveler. Destiny of a commanding one must be brokenness into God’s own chosen vessel to be handling using by Him only. If a vessel in the hand of a porter is not fully designed as the porter wishes mind, he will break it and remolding it as he wanted according to the porter designed featuring. Commanders are communicator, commanders are quest seekers, commanders are travelers, commanders are purpose punchers, commanders are glory experiences magnitude, and commanders are record breakers. Destiny is sure because we are called to braking ranks as we claiming mountain, we are called to fly with the wind of the air, we are called to subdue the enemies, we are called to take the territories, we are called to ordained His Kingdom on earth and His church in our circumstances, we are called the army of Jesus Christ, we are called soldiers of the victory. If we die, life is present, if we live eternal is established, all of these are destiny of a trained militant man of the Cross. Sun is great, the sun of the MorningStar, the sun of the Apostolic, the sun of the Prophetic and the sun of the church is here and life follows, energy taking the atmosphere of the circumstances. Sun is the king dynasty for Jesus Christ, Christ is the Magnificent One in the Sun glory and He’s the universal King, the glory of the sun is made perfect, the glory of the world are submitted to the glory of the sun in the universe, sun is the largest planet in the universe and in all the galaxies they are submitted greatness to the sun. Destiny of the sun is superior, in the entire entire galaxies universe to perfect the programming of the Almighty Creator. He created all things in His glory splendors to proof the universe once is part of His ability and unique strength over His creation. He created the spiritual realm to rule the canal in order to supervise programming of the justification at the end of accreditation the ages. The beginning of destiny, the quest of destiny as just laminating over our arising as we study His characters with our little wisdom in Him. His Omega the entire continuation of the universe it’s been loyal to His Word till the end of the entire race. Men will always be loved by Him for He created him as a prototype to governing the atmosphere of creation. No doubt, He will open the Book of justification again on the judgment day because of destiny and for destiny day exist before us. Praise and prayers are the task of the church on earth to Him and for Him in order to win; all these are destiny to a reigning Kingdom in the world now and in the world to come. Our preparations is to continue behold His face in searching the Holy Scripture, not in canal self defense righteousness of the present time, for we are destiny to reign with Him now and forever more in the world to come amen.


Every operations in the spirit and in the physical world has a realm and the realms are limit with unlimited in the spirit world and in the canal world. Realms are levels but not in statistics nor in automatics but stability stable to the operations. Realms are flounces and floating, realms are power and qualification of the magnificent realm in above realms is the realm of authority.

Commanders are qualifiers in the realms of authorities, they are chosen as qualified one to operate in the greatness authority. Elijah the prophet, he was a qualified agent of change to operate in dynamic power of supernatural in order to bring restoration and divine change into backsliding Israelites, in order to bring communion with the God of their fathers. Commander are the finalist, frontrunners and runner-up operators in the supernatural, they are unstoppable as spiritual bulldozer tractor to ruin the realms of the tyrants of the Truth in the grain field.  Commanders are born not made, commanders are chosen not by chance, commanders are selected not by knowledge, commanders are vessel not automatic lottery, commanders are God’s leaders not human benefactor, commanders are teachers not ruler, commanders are tutors not oppressor, commanders are nation not territorial, commanders are the agent of new done not beggars, commanders are minister not laborers, commanders are road makers not hijackers, commanders are creator not destroyers, commander are light not emissaries, commanders are the glory not callous, commanders are execute of justice not a human generational damagers, commander are implementer not a debtor and commanders are the catalyst of the Truth not faction speakers. This is the beginning and quest of the realm of the commanders and their readiness to fullness in the obedience section of the Scripture.

What are the pictures of these great commanders of the King of glory on earth? Thus glory far beyond slice of debates and doubt treasure in their images. Appearances of more in splendors of the glory sun radiating the universe as glowing shine in the strength beyond comprehended. The picture brings continuation of the unstoppable quest in merging the measure of the treasure to see in understanding of Heavenly stability.

The picture and connection of the realm shows us the true colors that consuming personal view to share the true experience of this image picture, this is true color of the universal God Almighty which revealed His Kingdom out of hidden into our mind as the song of glory glooming mind alive to righteousness and holiness. The true picture sings the song of victory as the feets of the commanders marching in order of the supreme One in the realm of the unbeatable glory cities. The true picture of this Kingdom commander glowing to silent the noise sins of the earth through the Truth. Our heart sing alleluia in superlative style to praise the Lord Creator of the universe, celebration of  the victory on the Cross open  the zeal of un-perishable treasure for reward to the working commanders.

There’s a replacement more the more as we marching to shout and sing the Heavenly song in glory for the Mighty Kingdom of the true God Almighty the Creator of all realm in the whole universe. In His Kingdom mankind will be as Him and for Him to see, hear and know far beyond what the whole nations can speak about until the end of human race, mankind will be as He’s programming to be, no change until it end by Him a true One that started it on His own Word alone, glory glue the companying of the true servants to love Him the way He love us in this realm, see ourselves as a minor scarifies for the coming glory, for the others, change of superiority content mentioned to beautify Him in our meditation as we seat with Him been qualified to be in our own personal throne, camping of human angels from nations to nations will be partaker in the day He selected to show His faithfulness to the nations of the universe.

 The realms of the commanders where mysteries are seeing clearly from above in the staircase of His church building, where salute and hail of our great King is to praise and to adore Him without blemish heart mind.

So therefore, I welcome all of you reading into this year restoring the lost glory of mankind on earth vigil, prayers program as you user into His glory into the level of commanders, your spiritual life and destiny will be elevation and distinguishes with great Captain of our regeneration. He’s Alive! Jesus Christ our illuminating Creator and Commander on earth.

The challenges worth to take is to leave a realm of lilliputian Christianity and to move claiming the mountain of spiritual height giant God expects from you to be in growth. Eagle stays on mountain to see far and live in the future at present. Welcome!


  1. The Quest, Destiny Purpose and Experiences of the last day on earth is to discover the three things He said in the book of Matthew 6:23. Thy is the kingdom, power and glory forever
    Love you Lord Jesus Christ

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