stay in your call!

Don’t venture out to satisfy a suggestion of someone else or the personal desire of your own and don’t allow persecution and criticism to push you into a corner.

What else does it take? Begin to build immunity to the things that affect your negatively. How? Guard your heart; let God lead you with His Word until there is no trace of withdrawal or self-propulsion within you, and soon, the persecution in that area of your life will not even affect you. Then if you begins to feel another “hit,” or something begins to bother you, start building the immunity in that particular area well, and find scriptures that pertain to that area, according to your call. Then, speak them over your heart until it saturates your being and becomes a part of you; that’s how you develop immunity. Then, when that thing tries to capture you, you will walk right through it, and the word will guard your heart. You will have to build a spiritual strength in that area.

Be daily filled with the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to impart oil of joy and gladness into your life. His joy is what gives you the strength to succeed.

Don’t try to stand alone, but keep yourself surrounded with people who know your call and are filled with the strength of the Word and the Spirit. If you don’t have this operating in your life and ministry, then ask God to bring you those divine connections and relationships. These aren’t “yes men” who pamper and encourage you in every decision you make, right or wrong, but are divine relationship with people who know now to stand strong I the Spirit because of their personal experience. If they keep themselves clean, they will be equipped to speak into your life and help you when a crisis comes tor way.

Don’t search the scriptures to fine retaliation against your accusers. If you do that, you will have a harsh and embittered ministry. At times, it is tempting, but God is the one who vindicates His own! So let God do His will and you do your search the scriptures for yourself first. And when God’s lead you, you build immunity through the Word, and are daily filled with the Holy Spirit, then you can take on the next level of ministry. But if you stop to point fingers, you will remain there. If you remain in one level too long, you will grow stagnant and search for other avenue of ministry. Or, you may search for other “high light” within your current ministry. Some have remained in a position of stagnancy for so long they can’t find their way back.

There is nothing new under the sun. What happened to the great men and great women of God in the past century, could happen again to anyone in this 21st century, so let us; learn from them all, and build strength min our inner man. It takes spiritual strength to fulfill the will of God. Determine that your life and ministry will be a spiritual success in Heaven and in the earth, to the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord and God!

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