Welcome to the mostly beginning of the greater quest in of undisputed realm of the mighty enlargements on earth. God Almighty had redeemed us to flourish in the hard time like this. 2024 is the new realm in undisputed enlargements. Why is our God want us in this new realm of undisputed enlargements in such a time as hard time like this? This is to proof the supremacy of our great Creator over the entire universe especially in this season. 2024 is a year of incredible enlargements for us who still believe, steadfast and who are waiting upon the Lord from long time season into fulfilling present hour of His Words and His mindset to this present age.

It is a real realm of real manifestations different and diverse of spiritual and physical surplus in the church of the Philadelphia with the strength from the Lord of Shabuoth

2024 is our year of New REALM for undisputed superlative enlargements for all the Morningstar’s on earth, we have been tried , tested, tempted, paid the highest prize for the high calling and in chosen in the Christ of the 21st century. We have been long, waiting and enduring pain in patients to see these events of the season in this century for His church of which satan and his demons had tormented frequently in this age. We are very sure and affirm to see this awesome year 2024 as the Lord prompting His Greater Grace upon us to see now and enter into Glory grace releasing for us on earth of the 21st century.

I saw His undisputed Glory releasing for us on earth possessing seven people in the splendor unspeakable and shadow mightily comes into the images of the new creation of mankind in the field on earth.


The divine visitation of Almighty to the earth brings His fullness to all mankind and eternal peace to all creations in transformation of the new beginning in the life and styles for this present age

Revelation is the core center of the true calling for the church on earth and for starting true church of the Lamb in this glorious time begins with God Almighty Himself and it would be forever His work on earth, the cup of indignation’s establishes the gathering His church and it affirm it forever in every regeneration and ages.

The beginning of the new realm is divine revelations from the Lamb and His commission to be fulfilling appointment of divine time and colors the new beginning of His divine love on the earth.

The adventure of Glory started in the new realm of unstoppable of supernatural for genuine born again and lead them to superlative kingdom center of enlargements on earth.

This adventure again truly with Lord Jesus Christ the way to eternity of the creation in the entire universe also ended with Him as He’s the Omega.

He (Jesus Christ) hold everythings in His strong Hand and Authority mankind to excises it if they willing to humble to handle it carefully.

  Mankind is about to write the true and genuine last revival to close the long awaiting hope of all creation end time. The last day is here already and the closure of all races is closing the end. What gives us the assurance it’s because iniquities abounds and sins are increasing unpredictable daily in the present world, blasphemies is now a language of this present age, they forget the fear of the Lord again, serving the Lord with mammon it is now normal activities of the Laodicean church yet they repented not. 


What opens the coming of Jesus Christ will sure close the rapture and the second coming of the Lord again and that is prophetic ministry and it is also the first ministry of the patriarch, our Master will surely show up one day and all the sign needed had been shown already to us from the prophetic Book, this and more proof His evidence that He is coming as He is timing mandated for the saints.

Knowledge is greatly increasing unstoppable transforming the world and making it more smaller than any mindset wide, shaping areas, circumstances, new age born human, they are more unique than formal people, the old way is disappearing rapidly out of culture training from the past, no respect again, the ratio of respect had daily reduce drastically from the church and societies.

Modern world had surface the earth as the lord had told us, wicked ways are advancing to ruin the legacy of the patriarch, yet God had never forget us in this last day. Mammon is the daughter of Babylon and she is advancing marketing everything on earth even within the righteous mammon intervening against the Lords people.

Modern world is hunted by the dragon corny and beast’s superstition of the Antichrist carnality. This is widely different from the attitude of Christ and His unpredictable way of holiness in all the creations. Intimacy with His Word is abased in the mindset of the modern people in order to summit to mammon in all manipulation to gain their soul for hell recruitment’s under cosmos and the ruler of the modern age. Power was change while satan still trying to mimic God’s way and God’s work on earth and in the spirit.

Black diamond is great and much more value in the kingdom of wealth, so also human soul is useful greater treasure value than all things in this world. God created us as unique from Himself as a better value of His creation on earth.

Welcome to the undisputed world of apostolic and prophetic realms of the awesome transformation God purposed for Himself in 2024. 


God announcers are the apostles, they are God number one agents of Elohim, and they work in the splendors Mighty power of the greater Kingdoms above on earth in every generation. Theses and more make them vessel of uniqueness in the Hand of the Master. The unsearchable working powers of the calling of the apostles are more daily supreme as the task in the time needed and it would be forever need in the church of the last day. We are working towards the closing hour of the age; we are nearer daily to the raptures with different manifestation of the evils occurrences over places. These are many fulfillment in prophesies of the past and presently for the rapture believers are waiting for now. This is the evidence of the apostolic calling and perfect assurances on earth.

Apostle are here to witness to us affirmed our home steadfastness and beautiful proof of Home above the scripture told us here, we are here to prepare for these and we are already winner in this race of the journey.


2024 it’s a epic new year full of great undisputed experiences of unlimited enlargements for the waiting believers on earth. It is a year t inspect with divine spiritual eyes of the great white Eagle to see deeply all the prevision Heaven had mandated for the earth.

The apostolic and prophetic odyssey representative of man’s ability out of capacity to overcome bigger and great obstacles of 2024, even those present days temptations and evils modern age tries facing believers.

Apostolic and prophetic odyssey is to win different and divert contest in the present world in order to improve the identity, slaughters audacity of Christ as a winning attitude over the enemies of the church as He’s is our suitors and retakes of the thrones for the apostles and for the prophets in field of the world and in the age to come on earth if Christ if He will for mankind on earth.

Apostolic and prophetic it’s a journey accomplishment mission of the redefining in the quest for goals of Hi Church in this end time, the spiritual journey well voyage on the ocean of the universe in actual unique of the creation.


Destiny is the plan of the Creator for the true one church on earth. Destiny is on true church on earth. Destiny is on purpose of our Creator for His people who are working and walking on the true right narrow way on earth.

The expository teaching of the apostolic and prophetic is to act and proof the Truth in a simple way for sinners to understanding Christ suffering and purpose of death and of His raising to live on earth for mankind, the right way in all the task of righteousness mandated for all the sinners and believers purpose in this last day. He had given us the greater ability to explore as Him in the right choice we are chosen through His way always.

Our destiny depend upon whether we live in harmony with God, following His will in the teaching, it is our responsibility to decide our destiny in Him as our ministries in apostolic and prophetic calling.

Nothing can hinder us or our destined not to be fulfilled when we act and following on the apostolic and prophetic protocol given by Heavenly mandated in the covenants calling of the patriarch on earth. On our hand destiny encompasses, our stars, potentials, virtue and wisdom God committed into our being are unique to transforms in a divine better implication of healing and deliverance for those have died in the spirit back to live. God has greater and higher treasuries beyond His creation capacity to magnify His Will in our lives as with Him in humbleness of our calling position given to us in the intuitions we through His believe through Him.

This is how we fulfilling our destiny in apostolic and prophetic and get back our goals set ahead of us as a shining stars on earth.


2024 it’s a year of great discovery for those who are born in the wicked house of emissaries in this last day. Discovery and liberation are tools for greatness working master plan to win the world as you implementing His Will for your life.

Born to win simply means everyone is here for a better reason. No one is suppose to be mediocre because we all have potentials as great at.

Working in supernatural is stages and gradually in levels to levels for fill the empty places in your life needed. A great African man will dream to be someone but how to implementing the dreams will now be a terror to the dreamers. The day a man learned to keep their mouth close in term of this would be days he will start to implement the work of God on earth. Old Africans are dyabolism in terms of fulfillment’s dreams works, but nowadays African are innovations, inventors and orientations in new things on earth.

No one is born mediocre because whatsoever created is great and good. Knowledge is mindset power to achieve God’s work and exploits.

Born to win it’s a great destined goals of a potential man and to implement it is to master it very well with mentorship audacity of God’s calling parents in your life.

Born to win is an attitude and attitude is an altitude. There are heroes of ages on earth who had breaking records on this attitude and knew who they were and pursued it against all odds. A lot of them started shallow and young so don’t let anyone telling you that you have time because, in reality, you don’t have time.

No get to work on discovery your purpose to win among your siblings, among your colleagues, among your counterpart and among your generational raise.

Magnify your potentials through Holy Ghost in giving Him Majesty honor praise as you pursue with ability to win because you are born for it. Allow Him to lead, guide and be your director in all the endeavors as you move on in the 2024. 2024 is your year to manifest your winners’ attitude and role to activate your leading skills in all your prompting efforts.

To be enlarged it’s a battle to win among mediocre society, a battle one must win without leaving God behind, it is self and canal ambition if one does.

Winners are fathers, winners are mind winners, winners are dreamers’ potentials, winners are not beggars, winners are true followers of Jesus Christ, winners are builders of tomorrow, and winners are here again, winners are workers in indisputable attitude coded.


 Your growth must not be stop! Your spiritual gain must be continually stable boosting each season because anytime you time or meditating on stopping growing that is when your right time to die encloses your fulfillment.

If any man will work in supernatural greater enlargements must do whatsoever Creator instructing him on earth, the greater your potentials the greater higher your task in your endeavors.

The keys to supernatural enlargements are to desiring to obey and desiring to serve God faithfully and desiring is to experiencing undisputed increase by. 1, Desiring Expansion. 2, Desiring Undisputed Transformations. 3, Fueling Your Desiring To Be Continually Burning. 4, Desiring Ne Words In Your Confessions. 5, Desiring Greater Relationship With Your Spiritual Parents. 6, Desiring Schedule Daily With Creator. 7, Desiring Persistence. 8, Desiring Prayers Habits. 9, Desiring Kingdom Expounding. 10. Desiring Unstoppable Praises And Worship to the Creator.

Ten desiring supernatural keys that opens undisputed enlargements realm from 2024 year of undisqulified era for the genuine class growth unstoppable.

Desiring Expansion:

Every transformation begins with catching fire in your desiring. 2 Kings 6: 1 – 7 this place is too tiny for us. No matter what you have, you can have additional and begins with strong powerful desire. A weak shallow desire does not enlighten you to pay the crucial price for the desire transition. Until you are fed up with where you are, you will not do whatever it takes to accomplish something’s bigger and reasonable in your timeline.

  • Desiring Undisputed Transformations:

Let your desiring becomes your early decision. If you are not demanding on what you wanted and stay persist to never quite but desire to do unthinkable, desiring to die if not possible transformations would not take place for implementations. Choice not chance, determine human destiny undisputed.

  • Fueling Your Desiring To Be Continually Burning:

Drive is the source of every move and fueling is to gas your engines. This will speed the undisputed the higher quality of your orientation levels you desiring and destined to reign.

There are many ways to cut down a useful trees, you can use axe or saw. The man in 2 kings 6 use axe not saw. Today you can use a chain saw to finish the task quickly and easily in less time, this also secure time management. Success demands you to pay the price if you want enlargements better than shallow and tiny income you are earning.

Never stopping praying, never allow anything to hindering you from praying continually because prayer is the fuel that supply power to your engines, moving requires fueling and faster would take effective ahead of your in 2024.

  • Desiring New Words In Your Confessions:

Desiring a magnificent new living in your old s you hallow destitute life started the day you make positive confession in favour to yourself, to persist steadfastly in positive lives and always to maintain it regularly. The journey of the new beginning started unknown to us now but when you move inn then experiences invaded. Spirituality works on you words as you speak to yourself or into every situation.

  • Desiring Great Relationship With Your Spiritual Parents:

Stay close to your spiritual leaders. Satan attack when you make a move to increase and expand. Stay close to your prophet. He is ordained to speak into your life and reverse your losses. The prophet will help you to recovers losses advantages. The anointing on the prophet restored the hope of advancing desiring expansion, the anointing on the prophet cutting edges of evil places against sons and daughters of the Seer. The anointing on the prophet restores speed and results. The anointing on the .prophet restores ability and work faster and move effectively.

Your joy is restored, your hope is restored, your wealth is restored, and you will begin to witness faster results from henceforth in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

  • Desiring Schedule With The Creator Daily:

Our Creator demand from us genuine love as relationship with Him alone always, He has a better feeling whenever we have Him behind the content of our personal or individual life issues. He loves communication and relationship encounter of fellowship with our lives. He always wants us to spend our mostly time with Him because He had a feeling, emotion, also. This and more makes us together with Him as growth indisputably and because our lives swimming in complete enlargements we can’t read or write down. He demands for relationship as a being.

  • Desiring Perseverance:

The parable is told of an old dog that fell into farmers well. After assessing the situation, the farmer sympathized with the old dog but decided that neither the dog nor the well were worth the trouble of saving. Instead, he planned to bury the old dog in the well and put him out of his misery. When the farmer began shoveling, initially the old dog was hysterical. But as the farmer continues shoveling and the dirty hit his back, a thought struck him. It dawned on him that every time shovels load of dirty landed on his back he should shake it off and step up. This is did blow after blow. “Shake is off and step up, shake it off and step up” he repeated to encourage himself.

No matter how painful how distressing the situation seemed, the old dog fought panic and just kept shaking it off and stepping up! It was not long before the dog battered and exhausted, stepped triumphantly over the wall of the well. What seemed as though it would bury him actually benefited him – all because of the way he handled his adversity.

  • Desiring Prayer Habit:

1 Chr. 4: 10 “And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my coast and that your that hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him which he requested.”

Divine assistance is available to those who ask. Through prayer you can move the hand of God to help you accomplish results that were mortals are not capable of. As you pray, expect the Lord to answer your prayers.

  • Desiring Kingdoms Expansions:

Become a soul- winner. These people works for expansions’ of the house of the sons of the prophets. Labor for expansions of the house of God qualifies you for favor. God favors those who labor for Him. What you make happen for the kingdom of God, He will make happen for you. The key to kingdom rewards is kingdom works. “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it.” We are saved by grace but we are rewarded by our works. Grace gives access into the kingdom but works is what guarantees our rewards. Open doors are rewards fir kingdom works. Ruth 2:12; 2 Chr. 15:5; 29: 1 – 11. No idle believers will earn a crown from God. The well celebrated Apostle Paul talks of the crown of glory waiting for him in Heaven o the account of his works. 1 Tim. 4: 7 – 8. It is a imperative for you therefore to serve the Lord faithfully with all your hearth to generate such open doors of miracles blessings that comes directly from God. You shall not miss your rewards in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. 15: 58 when you give God what He wants, He will give you what you want. He said be faithful and I will answer your prayers. He said, seek my Kingdom first and I will add every other things to you. Said fill my house I will fill your life with abundance.

 Desiring Unstoppable Praises And Worship To The Creator

What makes praise and worship so powerful? Praise and worship will get our focus where it needs to be – on God. If we start praising GOD in the middle of our challenges, our challenges will shrink so much that we’ll be so hardly remember to bring them to God again! We’ll be so busy praising and thanking Him for His divine changes of blessings that our challenges will an afterthought.

We should put God first in 2024 and in our everything in the New Year. Our daily life it the most powerful way when we worship the unchangeable Creator in His Glory, when the Lord Jesus Christ is exalted, we fulfill the scripture to worship in spirit and in Truth.

This is the right way to desiring unstoppable blessings and miracles we demand and destined to have in the New Year 2024 undisputed enlargements on earth.


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