One of the strongest instincts in young people is the desire to belong, associate and be accepted in a group. This is a natural instinct in every man. Man is gregarious in nature. That is, he is loves to be in the company and association of others. This is because he is created as special animal who recognizes that his survival is dependant to his association with others. However, in youths, this is stronger. The pull of peers is very strong and youths prefer the approval of their peeps to that of any other. The usual demand of this group on their member is conformity. Though often in unspoken terms, this appears to be the stated condition before admittance and acceptance in the group.

The usual psychological and mental torture created by isolation and loneliness often leads youth to surrender their wills and rights unquestioning to the demands of the group. This brings about loss of identity and personality. This is an irony. While youth look unto their groups as an opportunity for self-expression and projection, it often becomea place of self- mortification and erosion of identity.

Another truth about youth people is that, they like to ride on the crest of time. They are the quickest to recognize a change and identify with it. This radical nature in them makes them become very vulnerable in life. Change and dynamism are good and part of life, but they must not be allowed to erode the basic values of life.

Being in vogue is trying to keep abreast with the fashion of the day. The Christian youth today need to be very careful of this tendency. The woes of the church today are due to the desire to move along with the world and like the world.  Today, the church has lost her distinctiveness and has so muddled so with the world that is now difficult to differentiate the church from the world.

When Christie was born, her godly and pious parent tried to bring her up in the way of the Lord. They didn’t” ‘pierce the lods of her ear for earrings as they did not see this as a necessary part of Christian dressing (1 peter 3:1-4). She was beautiful enough in her natural appearance. As she grew up and interacted with her mates in the school, she was taunted and derided for what her friends described as “manly” look. Seeing that this was the only thing that stood between her and her friends. Christie decided she would open up her ears though she knew her parents would frown at this.  Being a border at a girl” college which has very far away from home, she was able to get this done without the immediate knowledge of her parents. About a week later, she too ill of a very serious infection. The object she had used in piecing her ears was contaminated. Her illness was very serious and would have proved fatal but for the gracious intervention of God’s miracle of mercy as a result of the fervent intercession of her parents and leaders in the church.

All christen youth like Christie daily face pressure to be like other youth all around them. There is the pull to follow others that are now being accepted to be right. Every day, there is the temptation to join others in examination malpractice. The dressing patterns of other youth are becoming fascinating to real Christian youth. Socializing, parting and sensual music among other things, are very much music among things, are very much in vogue today, and they call for attention of Christian youths.

The danger of the dressing to be like other is great. The word of God warns that “evil communication (association) corrupt good manners”, 1 Corinthians 15:33. When you try to copy the peculiar traits in others, you end up being a “photocopy” and cannot be original. This makes you lose your distinctive and unique personality given to you by God. Remember, no one else is like you similarly, tending to be like others or just you lose sight of your focus, visions and divine ambitions in life. It makes it difficult for you to find out what your unique talents and abilities are. You also discover that you will lose confidence in yourself and personality effort.

Jesus stood out from the crowd of His days. He was different and distinctive refusing to copy or follow the accepted but wrong practices of the Jews of His days. And since He overcomes all the evil practice of His days, He is able to make you stand tall and uncompromising in this present evil world. You need to follow the exemplary lifestyle of Jesus Christ (1 peter 2:21) He is the perfect pattern for living and He is able to reproduce Himself in you. Come to Him today and you will be glad you did. Shalom!