REVELATION 22: 1 – 21

First Experience: A glimpse within the New Jerusalem in the story of Revelation 21, we had a brief description of that most glorious city, called the Holy City, New Jerusalem. This described the cities outside appearance, size and construction. In our lesson now we get little glimpse of the inside of this celestial City. It is indeed difficult for us to form right conceptions of things so much above and beyond all present experiences. When Paul recovered from the visions of paradise and the third Heaven, he said that it was not permitted of him to tell the transcendent things which he saw and heard. And so, john brought to such a view of the sublime palaces of the saints; he does not tell us all about its eternal economy.

Knowledge: building glorious imagination and a grand dynasty city as he described. The beautiful picture the civic center and the capital within the capital great city. Here at the very focal central is a Throne occupies by God and the Lamb. No descriptive detail is given of this Throne, but knowing that it is the everlasting throne from which God the Father and God the Son forever rule and reign among the beloved saints, we must understand at the beauty of this Throne was beyond description.

The River Of Life: this is a Throne from which blessings flow, so john consequently sees a river of life flowing from it. The soul of the Psalmist must have caught a little glimpse of this blessed time when he wrote. (Ps. 36: 3, Ps. 46: 4 – 5). It is plainly stated in our text that in the New Creation these is to be no more sea. Earthly rivers flow into seas or oceans, but here we note another of the many mystical things of this celestial City: we are not told whither the river flows but it flows on its life giving purity throughout eternal.

The Tree Of Life: it appears that pure and Crystal River divided a great street, the dimensions of which are not told. On each side of this river is the marvelous tree that bears twelve manners of fruits and yields this fruits every month, the leaves of which are for the healing of the nations. First, may we say that the Lord Jesus Himself refers several times eating and drinking in the kingdom of Glory. Also the Savior, after His Glorious resurrection, did eat. One of the grand set themes of the future referred to in the Revelation is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The implication is that there will surely be eating in the eternal City. The monthly product of the Tree of Life renders fruits that we might term ‘life’ fruit, which no doubt is far superior to even the angels ‘food’, of which the Children of Israel ate. As for the healing benefits of the leaves of this tree, the meaning is not that the nations are full of sickness and ailment, for the last remains of the curse which brought sickness into the worlds are gone.

The Closing Remarks: for the third time in the Book of Revelation, it is repeated that these presentations are ‘faithful and true’ (Rev. 19: 9, 21: 6, 1: 1, 22; 6) Jesus Himself confirms this in 16th verse by saying: “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches” thus is the very highest authority confirms the message given unto Apostle John. Also at the beginning of this Book of Revelation there is a promise of blessings for him who “readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein” Rev. 1: 3). And now at the close we hear the voice of the Lord Himself from the Throne in Heaven (Rev. 22: 7). All this is addition to the seven-time repeated admonition. “he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches, “in the close of the Book, the summing up of God’s Word, come the oft-repeated words of warning: “behold, I come quickly”; “the time is at hand”; He which testifieth these things saith, surely I come quickly”, oh, the everlasting love, mercy, and goodness of our Savior to provide salvation at such infinite cost, to give us a glimpse of the glory that awaits, and then to warn and admonish the whole world to  make preparation, for the time is at hand! So profound were the revelations and so wonderful was the knowledge and understanding of the angel which communicated  these things, that John was filled with adoration and twice he fell down before the feet of the angel o worship him. The angel immediately stopped him (Rev. 19: 10; 22:9). Thus we see that it would be entirely wrong to worship any saints or angels, for only Deity is worthy this honor. The savings of this Book were not to be sealed or kept secret, the reason being, “the time is at hand.” In the other words, all expediency should be used to publish the Gospel, the Truths and the judgments of God that is coming on earth.

The Final Invitation: knowing that the time of the end is near at hand and such glorious events await those who prepare, “the Bride of Christ join with the Spirit of God to extend a grand invitation. It has ever been the or of the Holy Spirit to secure a bride of the Lamb of God, much as it was for the servant of Abraham’s son, Isaac. Today the Bride of Christ is in her preparation. There will come a time the ‘wife hath made herself ready.’ But the main interest of the Bride is not only to be ready herself but to see that others and added to make up the complete Bride of Christ so that time may come quickly. The Spirit and the Bride are not only longing to see the fulfillment of this time, but they are working jointly in extending the invitation to ‘whosoever will.’ The provision is made read for every human soul by which he can be saved; is a fee moral agent and most exercise his free power of choice and will to come.

Final Warning: from this invitation we move solemnly on to the very last words of our Lord and Savor in His Holy Book. Final words of warning are given against altering the Word and message that He has sent to man. To mutilate this Holy Word of God, which charts the course to life eternal, is to forfeit salvation and all its eternal benefits. Once again, and for the last time, come the message, ‘surely I come quickly Amen.’ In a spontaneous answer to this statement, the Apostle john sound forth the cry as from the heart of the Bride, “even so, come, Lord Jesus,” all Christendom await and long for the glorious appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ, and there is no greater promise in all the Word of God than these last word of Jesus to His people. If it whole creation groans and travails together in pain for the manifestation of the sons of God themselves long for that day when they shall come into their inheritance and see their blessed Redeemer face to face. surely we will be there one day! shalom

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