Which doeth great things and unsearchable; marvellous things without number:  

Job 5:9

The uncommon things on earth are the glory from Jesus Christ because it’s praise from anybody in Heaven on the history of the earth.

God in His fully eternal mercy will occupy the earth again in our time to help us discover our undeserved glory of which will have lost through our earth fathers and our earthly mothers from the beginning of the creation.

He had spoken and He we stand on His Word in audible, Rhema and in our intuitions He will speak to us again. For He’s more interested in speaking to us rather than our canal request mostly ambitious, He is always ready since the beginning and to the end of the creation.

Glory from glory will invade the earth power will fix the whole universe as our God the Almighty proceed in working more to fulfill the purposes of our being here even in Africa. He loves us and He we even desire to love the way He love of our creation. Healing and deliverance of our Creation is needed for many had transgressed with ignorance with hypocrites follow faith in Christ Jesus.

Bondages will be loose, men will speaks great things, destiny will voice in golden rhythm, lives will be transforming and supernatural will recreates canal origin. Jesus Christ will be LORD again in any lent He desire to operate in us. This time change is destiny and will be greatly implementing.

Mankind has not seeing, tasted and acknowledges the new unique way is bringing His Unsearchable glory to the latter church. It would e more dynamic in splendor of great lighting humanity as praise His Name in our time.

He will accelerate His Will on earth and implement the work in us midst to proof to the unbelievers in carnality of vanity of the earth. Time as arrived to deliver the message sent from the Creator to humanity. It is our time to manifest unsearchable glory of which the unique conviction will demolish the camp of foes in our time. Men will witness the great adventures of His greatness of our Great Creator again on earth. Beauty will circle praise and drumming the Kingdom songs in this present with glory and programming His Glory again for the lost glory of mankind called: The Unsearchable Glory.

New voice songs from the singers will march as His solution to proclaim His Reginning realm in our time. Battle of miracle, healing of signs and wonders deliverance of hope, it’s the time of scriptures revelation choice I mean revelation mandate.

Fast firm your belts seats for our pilot had been proof and working by unstoppable speed as He ride on the eagles wings to cross the enemies border of limitation into the promised land of wonder as base for us.

Appointment with apostolic work in the 2023 year of unsearchable glory and greatness to prompt implementing the will of God in this end of age to come, Power of glory is revealed in the revelation of the true apostolic calling on earth.

We need to continue deeper in working with Senior Partner in other to see more of His glory in this last day. So, we need to know these assessments:

Apostolic Mentality: those who carry this mentality are extra ordinary human on earth. They are more unique to see Jesus Christ in all things and in everything. Nothing is impossible to them, nothing is unbelievable to them. They are super human on earth, their parts systems are super function in dynamic of direct solution in every situation in their timing. They seek God Almighty with their lives, they are working tools in the Hand of Jesus Christ, they are the light of the apostolic touch in the realm of darkness, they illuminating the circumstances wicked realm were witch pots rules, and they pave ways for wave and ventilation of the Holy Spirit. They are all unique in the spiritual status, they takes spirit realm of warriors and risk for ranks in the fore front, why? Because they are spiritually and mentality reborn into apostolic genetics in always listing to the leading of the Holy Spirit orders every season.  

Apostolic consistency: The apostles conceive great energy and this make them unstoppable in the realm of possibility, for they are the seed of speed to quicken the dead world in any atmosphere of darkness. Their prayers and fasting lives in supernatural to work multi-miracles for dead mind in salvation of the unbelievers then. There are miracle attitude winners of souls to the Lord Jesus Christ in between the new way and old way to serve the then. They are the consistency in the manner of the apostolic assignments with speed; enemies can’t stop them, for they are unresistable vessel to unified the new beginning of apostleship on earth. Apostolic consistency is the key to open the treasures box from Heaven.

Apostolic seed: I speak great and great success into every life reading the revelation: the Lord of Host Will settles you with precious prizes through Jesus Christ, poverty is a spirit and it vanish, whatsoever you do will prosper, blessings of the Lord make riches hidden no sorrow He make you rich in all treasures on earth and in your time and for your generation, you be above not beneath, you shall plants and eat the fruits in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

Apostolic seed is our inherited eternal blessings from the Creator God Almighty. He wishes to lead sinners throughout the world to benefits in the Kingdoms heritage. He always makes His vessels {born again people} to be much more available for the sinners to be blessed.

He had paid the prize through His Son Jesus Christ for the whole world and He will forever be judges against the sinner who refuse His Son but embrace sin to execute the end of their choice is against His will.

This is the seed of lives and eternal blessings for the soul’s desire and huger mind to be bless as He exist on all reasons.

Apostolic Manifestation: the true magnificent way of Heavenly God is unknown to all age’s creation, seeing in the universe. Not because He desires it but because it beyond grab accrues speed of the thinking world, it’s much more advanced than knowledge of all races and each being of each century. Greater light in tasting salt as we can’t eat it with the value it what.

The duty of apostolic church is to be vessel unto honor and glory in her circumstances. The truth and working righteousness of apostolic church is to obey and serve her Master Lord Jesus Christ consistency mindset.

Apostolic Value: nothing is invalid if we take note to study it purpose. The last day victims are the backsliders and the unbelievers. The power of antichrist had over power their mind against the Truth and God’s righteousness. The history had been made written for those who excise in the present trails.

Apostolic Anointing: God the Almighty usually anoint peoples spirit man with divine oil and gifts fir profits and benefits of mankind. He had anointed us to win souls, He had anointed us to pray each others, and He had anointed us to work with Him in the universe. So far, we need His more anointing to fulfill the purpose of being here and for His Kingdom to come.

 Apostolic Miracle: it had been said; “miracles are the children’s bread” truly we need over flowing of multi miracles time to time here in our ministries. The grace is sufficiency for surplus in miracle if we acknowledge His present power for these powerful miracles expected. Today we need to celebrate His faintness victory and His triumphant of these great miracles of our salvation on earth.

Apostolic Work: the great work is in the service as to serve the Lord in other side you serve human in your local areas. We are committed to love and serve Him alone. He had shown us His present work and the future of the great work He committed to us and it must be fulfilled. He always with us and never we think His absence but great support in order to assist the fully assignment.

Apostolic Scroll: yes! It’s the word of our great God and its very powerful work in the entire universe. His word consuming and swallow quencher of the huger souls. It will digest to proper position and benefit for the spirit body. The apostolic Scroll are spirit word from the Lord to man. We are to summit totally to the Holy Spirit  so we can dinner with Him here on earth.

Apostolic Glory: this is dynamic revelation of magnificent atmospheres that consuming the heartbeat of His church in the last day. To win souls of mankind. His purposes had revealing glory. The Kingdom of glory is the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and it would swallow dominating all splendors glory of the universe. It is the church that had this Kingdom glory for it would perfectly be seeing the lives of the faithful disciples.

Apostolic Conclusion: it is well said, “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts:” {Haggai 2 : 9} my endorsement conclusion here is church must acknowledge the apostolic order and never leaving the apostles legacy behind and to remember that they are and we are family with them in the Heavenliest. The true apostolic mandate is to reveal Jesus Christ to the world not hide Him for the sinners. And to be grateful for the greater works He had started in us in this local area we are as He present us as apostolic generation of the last day on earth! Shalom, see you in The Unsearchable Glory next year in Jesus Christ! amen!

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